An Antique Land

I'm Dan, I appreciate nice stuff.
“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”
- Charles Bukowski


Paul Graham visits the Garry Winogrand retrospective at the Met:

“I love that nothing stopped Garry ethically. You’re not supposed to photograph panhandlers, someone who suffers from dwarfism, or leer at beautiful strange women. He’d just put out his lens and do it.”

Top: El Morocco, New York, 1955. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Middle: Coney Island, New York, circa 1952. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bottom: Untitled (Location Unknown), 1963. From the estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.